We need you more than ever. We have been going strong for over 35 years with many twists and turns, and right when we landed in our new home and had a sold-out 1st show run in our new space, Covid hit. We have been holding on for dear life through ZoomPlays and various efforts to keep it afloat despite going dark for over a year. We are back live but need donations to survive. We haven't done a true fundraiser in a long time, so here we are launching our most critical campaign to keep our theatre-going while the world emerges through the toughest period in most of our lifetimes. We need collective unity and connection more than ever, and theatre, your theatre, is a space to bring us back together to laugh, cry, and connect with stories that touch our spirits. Join us in helping to get to our $50,000 goal, with a few individuals coming to the table with match dollars along the way. I will send out the applause meter to show where we are to our goal, and when you come to the next show, we will have it posted to celebrate our achievements. I'll end with a John Steinbeck quote that is more true today than ever, "The theatre is the only institution in the world which has been dying for four thousand years and has never succumbed. It requires tough and devoted people to keep it alive". You are a tough and devoted people, and we thank you for that. Please call the box office at 818-884-1907 or go on our website at to donate TODAY. Every dollar helps get us closer to our goal (and remember, it is tax-deductible). Thank you and God Bless
Jon Berry

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Update: additional performances have just been added through

Oct 24th, 2021. 

​ We will be following all current CDC guidelines for small theatres. We have the prescribed air filters and mask requirements for all audience members inside the theatre. 


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​​Jon Berry, Artistic/Producing Director 

And running for 5 weekends!
Garson Kanin’s

classic romantic comedy,

“Born Yesterday”
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Hope to see you there!!!